As soon as a job switches to active status it means we are distributing it to our network of job boards. If you have not received any candidates, or the volume of candidates is unusually low, there could be an issue with the job.

These are the most common issues we see:

  1. Your job is less than 24 hours old. Once a job switches to active it can take up to 24 hours before the first candidate applies. The job boards in our network all poll us at different times so this can be slow at first.

  2. You are posting identical jobs through other platforms or on job boards directly. Betterteam already sends your jobs to over 100+ job boards so you do not need to double post these jobs yourself on any of the major job boards. If the job board requires a fee to post then it is usually fine for you to post your job there without causing duplicate issues.

  3. The location on your job is wrong. Incorrect location is a common issue especially with people using the neighborhood/area name instead of the official city or suburb. Chicago vs Magnificent Mile for example.

  4. Multiple job titles. Restrict your job posts to one post per job title. If you are hiring staff for a new restaurant post one job for every job type. So you would have one job for a chef, one for a line cook, one for a server etc. A single job post with a title of  "Hiring Chef/Line Cook/Server" will often be ignored by job boards.

  5. Job post copy needs work. A great job post will attract great candidates but it is not easy to find the time to write an amazing job post.  You can steal some tips from this article

  6. Salary below market. If you do decide to add a salary range to your job post it will be prominently displayed. If your salary range is significantly below market very few candidates will apply.

  7. Salary not included in job post. In competitive markets not showing the salary range can drastically reduce the number of candidates you receive. If you offer a fair or above market salary it is a great idea to add this to your job post.

Our team does check for all these issues when your jobs go out but if you think your role suffers from one of these let us know so we can investigate or you can go ahead and edit the job yourself.

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