Betterteam uses Google Maps to lookup the correct location for your job post. In most cases, this will work fine but sometimes an address is not easy to find which can stop you from posting a new job.

Why does Betterteam need the full street address:

We only send the city/suburb and ZIP/Postal Code to our network of job boards. We still require the full address to properly lock in the location of the job in our database so it attracts the right candidates and to make sure the job location is in the right ZIP/Postal Code.

Why is the Google Maps address different from my official one?

It is not uncommon to find Google Maps reporting an address to be different from the one your government post office uses. We are unsure why this happens. Google Maps is often the mapping provider for GPS manufacturers so the Google Maps address is the one will need to have on your website and facebook page. It is also the one you give to clients, candidates, and most parcel delivery companies so their GPS will work.

Can candidates see the actual location of the job?

No, candidates will only see the suburb and ZIP code so they can evaluate the commute time.

How do I find my Google Maps address?

As you start typing the address our app will query Google Maps and provide a list of suggested addresses you can pick from like this:

You need to select an address from the suggested list so our system can properly specify the location of your job to our network of job boards.

If you cannot find your address try these steps:

Use Google Maps to find the address by searching:

  1. Go to

  2. Enter the address as you know it and hit enter.

  3. If the address on the map is correct, write it down somewhere.

  4. Start typing this into the Job Location field on Betterteam and then select the address when it appears.

Use Google Maps to find the address by using the address of a nearby business:

  1. Go to

  2. Find the area where your job is located.

  3. Click on the closest business.

  4. Copy the address that appears.

  5. Enter this into the job location field on Betterteam.

You can try to modify the address so it brings your address up but if it is a very new building, or area, the street address may not be available in Google Maps. It is fine if you use an adjacent businesses address. Candidates will still only see the City/Suburb and ZIP/Postal Code.

Use Google Maps to find the address by dropping a pin on the map:

If you are not able to find the address on Google Maps by searching, or there are no other businesses close by, you can find the area on the map then click where the job location is. You can see the grey pin just next to the "Beggar's Pizza" orange pin. Google will then pop up a box at the bottom that looks like this. Copy that address and start typing it into the Betterteam Job Location field.

Use a central job location:

If none of the above work or you are unable to find a full street address you can use a central job location. This works by entering a valid address you know is roughly in the middle of the area where you want to source candidates from. It still needs to be a valid address as defined by Google Maps but does not have to be your exact address. We generally recommend picking the location of the post office, fire station, or police station that is closest to your desired job location.

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