If you have just posted your first job with us there is a review and approval process we need to go through before your jobs will start receiving candidates.

During US Central business hours, Monday to Friday, this process is usually completed the same day so you can expect to receive candidates 24 hours after your first job post.

If you have already had your first job approved any subsequent jobs will be approved within a few hours.

Why does my company need to be verified?

The job boards in our network have very strict rules around the types of jobs, and the types of companies, that are allowed to send jobs to them. Unfortunately, fake jobs posted by sophisticated scammers have become increasingly popular in recent years. If you are a real company, posting real jobs, with a reasonable salary you should be fine.

Job approval on weekends:

Most of the job boards in our network do not approve new roles over the weekend. The ones that do approve jobs over the weekend operate with only a skeleton staff so approval times are slow. Weekends are also the least popular day for candidates to do any job seeking.

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