Active jobs are the number of jobs currently active status. This means they are being syndicated to our network of job boards and candidates are able to apply.

All Betterteam subscriptions have a limit on the number of active jobs you can have open concurrently. If you have reached the limit of active jobs on your plan you need to close one of your approved jobs before you can post another job.

How are active jobs counted?

If you post one job, close it a week later, and post another job this still only counts as one active job. If you post a job and then post another job a week later, but do not close the first job, this counts as 2 active jobs.

Which jobs should I close?

Close any jobs you are no longer hiring for. If you are still hiring for all your active jobs then close the oldest jobs first. You receive most of your candidates in the first two weeks so old jobs are not as valuable as new jobs.

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