Reposting/reopening or bumping active jobs:

If your job is active it is being syndicated to our network of job boards. Our system automatically refreshes your job post if you leave it active so you get a constant stream of candidates.

Closing and reposting your job to try and bump it to the top of the queue will have little or no impact on the number of candidates you receive. If you are not getting enough candidates then we suggest reading this article first.

Reopening closed jobs:

If the job is currently closed you can click on the Reopen Job button and make any edits you like and then publish it again. Our network of job boards will see this as a new job post.

This is the correct way of reposting the same job so that you have all your candidates in one job. If you instead post a new job, which is a duplicate of an old closed job, then candidates who have already applied to the old job are able to apply again and you will end up with a lot of duplicate applications between both jobs.

Should I change the wording in the job post when I repost?

If you are not attracting enough candidates it is usually due to the job title being obscure or the content not resonating with candidates. Spend some time reading this article on how to write a great job post and incorporate some of the tips into your reposted job.

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