We automatically email you a copy of every application with the resume attached. This means you have a permanent record of every application to every job and you can easily reply to them to contact the candidate.

If you definitely do not want these arriving in your email there are some solutions:

Filter them into a folder (recommended)

If the candidate notifications are a distraction you can set up a filter in your email client to capture any email from noreply@betterteam.com and put it into a folder. This way you still have all the applications but they are not filling up your inbox. Here's a quick guide on how to set up filters in Gmail.

Create a dedicated Betterteam email address (recommended)

Create a new email address for the sole purpose of receiving candidate notifications and use that as your login email, or change the email notifications on your account to that email address. Learn more about changing the email notification settings.

Ask us to disable email notifications (not recommended)

We can disable the sending of email notifications entirely. Just let us know the email address you want disabled and we will add it to our block list. Note: This will also disable password reset emails.

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