The primary issue for clients not being able to load the Betterteam app is using an old or unsupported browser (most often this is Internet Explorer 11).

We highly recommend using the most recent version of Google Chrome on Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS. This is used by over 85% of our clients and is the most widely supported web browser today.

If you are still having issues getting to your dashboard at you can follow these steps.

1. Confirm you are using a supported web browser:

Some older browsers do not fully support modern web development standards. This can cause the Betterteam app to malfunction, partially load, or not load at all. If you are not sure which browser you are using

  1. Go to 

  2. This will show the browser and version that you are using. It should be Chrome 72 or higher, Microsoft Edge, Firefox 68.4.0 or higher, and Safari 12 or higher.

2. Update your browser:

Running the latest browser is always recommended for security purposes. Older browsers are often vulnerable to various attacks and are not well supported by many websites. To update your browser follow these instructions:
Google Chrome
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
Apple Safari

For Android, iOS, iPhone, iPad, or other mobile device or tablet follow the manufacturers instructions to make sure all recent updates have been installed.

3. Confirm Javascript is enabled in your web browser:

Betterteam uses Javascript extensively (as do most websites). All the popular web browsers enable Javascript by default. To confirm your browser supports Javascript go to and scroll down to this section:

If you find that Javascript is not enabled in your browser follow these instructions depending on the browser you use.

4. Restart the login process:

This will reset any Betterteam cookies and make sure your login details are valid.

  1. Go to this will log you out of any Betterteam account you are logged into.

  2. Go to and log back in

5. Clear your browser cache:

This is the last option we recommend as it will clear your cookies and log you out of any website you have recently logged into. Follow these instructions depending on your browser and then go to

6. Disable privacy extensions:

Some privacy and adblock extensions will incorrectly block parts of the Betterteam app from loading. Either remove these extensions or follow the instructions from the extension maker to whitelist,, and

6. Still having issues?
Go to and copy the link there and send it to us on so our team can investigate.

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